around the head

from by Earthset



Tell me precisely what you expected from this…
Tell me …
Did you get what your heart aspired to, or did you find yourself wondering how everything
You did, well, it just went wrong
And where have all the clouds been scattered once were floating ’round your head?

Your time’s dissociated from the day that you’re living,
Your thoughts are walking in June and your shoes are getting wet
In the rains of February and in dirt.

You watched your failures, and didn’t move a finger
To pull yourself, to pull yourself through,
If only you could see how it’s sad to feel unique and to be easily replaced, like an hologram,
inconsistency is the way you’re living through, but if there’s no rewind, how could you fix the tune?
Who will you blame?
When it’ll be the same?
You know my name

Your time’s dissociated, Your thoughts are walking in June
and your shoes are getting wet and dirt, dirt in the rain.
Just figured it out, they look like mine

When there’s no feeling, it’s easier to dare
But you’ve infected my awareness,
And now I fear that something could hurt you,
For everything you say you’ve done but you never do
You know my name….


from POPISM, released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Earthset Bologna, Italy

After a demoEP on 2013 and two years spent playing 'round northern Italy, Earthset have released their debut album "In a State of Altered Unconsciousness", on oct. 26th 2015 for Seahorse Recordings. The album has been live recorded in three days at Fonoprint Studios by Enrico Capalbo and produced by Carlo Marrone and Earthset. ... more

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